For 45 years, Cougar has been the premium paper creative professionals choose to bring their vision to life and printers trust for consistent printing excellence. In this promotion, you’ll discover a carefully curated set of promotions that thoughtfully illustrate the Cougar legacy.

Featured in The Cougar 45th Year Anniversary Box*: 

  • Cougar’s Greatest Hits – Designs from our incredibly popular Cougar inserts – many of which you’ll recognize from such publications as Communication Arts, HOW and PRINT Magazine.
  • Journey with Cougar –Featuring a variety of techniques, this promotion is essential to any designer’s collection.
  • Share on Cougar –This promotion features our most popular Blueline Gallery submissions, along with a Q&A from each graphic designer that created the piece.
  • Burt. - Best Uncoated Results Toolkit – Filled with tips throughout for the creation of a printed piece on uncoated paper” — from paper selection, to design, to proofing on press—so you can achieve an extraordinary finished product.

 * Out of Stock!


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